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About LAIT


Welcome to LAIT Legal Limited (UK)


Law Accounting and IT (LAIT) is a Legal software system that offers end-to-end solutions, from concept and strategy, to design, implementation and support for legal firms. LAIT partners with clients to create and support innovative software solution that help law firms become a lasting success in the UK legal sector.

LAIT development team brings a combination of industry knowledge, unique company culture and some of the best technical talent in the world. Clients’ business needs moves us forward to find creative solutions to most difficult problems they experience in legal firms. Our team has indepth knowledge and technology expertise in software development industry since 2015, offering all in one web-based software application for UK law firms.

Our mission is to deliver a fully supportive software system for law firms to maximum business values. We ensure that the system is well designed and developed as an efficient and high quality software solution aligned with most essential business needs in legal practices in the UK.

LAIT Legal Limited has a dedicated team to provide customer support and training during Monday –Friday 8am – 6pm, and weekends. If you are a prospective customer you can book an appointment to schedule a time for a free demonstration with one of our experts. If you are already a LAIT customer you can contact customer support for further training and help.




Last Reviewed on 20 August 2018