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Built-in Client Accounting



Bulit-in Client Accounting


LAIT has a completely built in, SRA compliant module for client accounting and no need of any third party system integration. This brings your client accounting and reporting efficiently under a single module. Since the higher availability of accounts information within the same application you can obtain reports and statistics very quickly. This allows top-level management to make financial decisions and forecasting without referring to any external source.




Client Accounting


SRA Compliance


LAIT’s built-in client accounting module is designed and developed to ensure compliance with SRA regulations and guidance.


Everything you need for client accounting in one place


All features you need to operate client accounting within a firm is built-in to the LAIT. From client registration to client accounts gives you a well secured journey when it comes to deal with financial matters.

Invoices and Receipts are directly saved to cases allowing fee earners to track all information from a single location.

Approval processes for payments and invoicing makes sure you are doing the correct thing. All approval levels are controlled by an operational permissions built into LAIT’s role-based system access feature.


Client accounting features


As part of client accounting LAIT has featured with all essential features you need to run client accounts in your firm. You will have easy access to the following:

  • Client bank account
  • Client posting
    • Bank receipt
    • Bank payment
    • Client to office
    • Office to client
    • Bank to bank
    • Ledger to ledger
    • Jounal entry
    • Protected funds
  • Ledger cards
  • Invoice
    • Create invoice
    • Professional fees
    • Time entry
    • Disbursements
    • Cost recovery
  • Bank reconciliation
  • Financial statement
  • Client account reports
    • Bank reconciliation report
    • Protected funds report

Key benefits of built-in client accounting in LAIT


There are many benefits you will have with the built-in client accounting in LAIT. Mainly you can save time needed to prepare your client accounts manually. Since it is an automated system it increases accuracy by minimizing errors on accounts preparation. Access to real-time financial information will give you an instant reporting that helps top level managers to make financial decisions very easily. Well structures automated invoices, credit notes and receipts would give your firm a new boost in customer satisfaction.




Last Reviewed on 20 August 2018