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Built-in Email Client



Bulit-in Email Client


LAIT’s built-in email client is designed to easily connect with Microsoft Exchange Server, allowing you complete email management from anywhere in the world at any time. Emails can be dropped into cases in two clicks, even when you are on the move. LAIT stores every email within its internal storage facility, which ensures the security and availability of all important case related emails.




Built in Email Client


Access to your emails from anywhere in the world


Built-in email client connects to your Microsoft Exchange Server securely allowing you to send/receive emails via LAIT’s email management module. You do not need to have Microsoft Outlook installed onto your PC or Laptop to get the email services.

Simply you can add the Application ID and Secret Key into LAIT to get connected with Microsoft Exchange Server. Once connected you can start sending/receiving emails directly to the LAIT email client. 

Where ever you travel in the world, which device you use, does not matter for you to access your emails with LAIT’s built in email module. This means you can move your business even when you are on the move.


Features of the email client


LAIT’s built-in email client has featured with all essential features you need to manage your emails at the office, or on the move. You will have easy access to the following:

  • Send/Receive emails
  • Drop into case files
  • Search emails
  • Delete emails
  • Reply/Forward emails
  • Add unlimited email accounts (Example: Admin, Fax etc.)
  • Create unlimited disclaimers

Easy dropping to cases


LAIT provides you with a functionality to drop an incoming or outgoing email into a case file. You can easily browse and select for a case file whilst stay on the same email module and add to the case’s correspondence directly. Dropped emails will be available to view instantly for every fee earner who got the permission for the case.


All real-time


All emails are real time. There is no any time delay for receiving or sending emails via LAIT. Every sending/receiving email through the exchange server will be able to fetch at the same time without any delay.


Easy configuration


It is very simple to connect to your Microsoft Exchange Server via LAIT. All what you need is to create an APP in the Microsoft and generate the Application ID and Secret Key to include to LAIT email management module.

Note: LAIT’s dedicated team will help you setting up your Microsoft Account and generate relevant IDs and Keys.


Unlimited email accounts


Once successfully connected to the Microsoft Server you can use any number of accounts you have registered. For example:,

Simply you can switch-over your email account whilst stay on the same page.





Last Reviewed on 20 August 2018