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Case Management



Case Management

  Case Management is a built-in feature that fulfils your legal firm's related activities in different departments and areas of practices. In LAIT we treat client, contact and the case as different entities and join all of them together when opening a new case. This ensures the correct stakeholder involvement within every legal matter.



Case Management - Case Listing


Unlimited storage


LAIT provides unlimited storage that all documents, emails, and images can be stored against the case electronically and securely.


Easy case opening


LAIT stores clients and contacts as individual entities, therefore when opening a case it allows you to simply add relevant clients and cases previously registered in the system into the case.


Sophisticated case correspondence section


As part of case management LAIT has featured with a sophisticated case correspondence section. You will have easy access to the following:

  • Upload documents receives from external sources
  • Fetch checklists from LAIT central document library
  • Add notes to the case
  • Send/Receive emails
  • Record call-in and call-out details
  • Mark important dates and tasks directly on the central diary via cases
  • Add forms and precedents to cases

Ready-made workflows to streamline the case management


Workflow management works as a different entity within LAIT, but all the ready-made workflows are automatically presented within related cases guiding the caseworker step by step.


Stay secured


LAIT flags documents added to cases which poses money laundering risks, to tackle fraud. We also introduced a new fraud prevention measure into the case management section by generating payment authorisation codes for the clients to make sure they are making payments to the correct solicitor firm.


Manage every case from a single location


LAIT allows you manage every case activity from a single location. This includes case contacts, case clients, correspondence, payment authorisation generation and financial transactions.


Case Management - Correspondence


Everything is in one place


All you need to run a case successfully is in one place. Workflow, Correspondence and Add items sections are in the same environment for you to quickly add documents and other related items such as notes, call-in / call-out etc. to run your case smoothly.


Manage every case from any geographic location


Since LAIT is a web-based information system you can access your files from anywhere in the world at any time. LAIT’s built-in email client will help you drop case related emails into cases in few seconds. Even you are on a holiday or tour your legal matters will be within your fingertips.





Last Reviewed on 20 August 2018