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Document Management



Document Management


Built-in document management module allows you to centrally manage all your documents and customize when needed. This paperless approach enables you to create and modify any document using any device.




Document Management


Internal document management


You can upload any document required to run your firm using this module. Integrated merge variables automatically picks-up client, case and contact details to make your life easier when generating letters and forms for your clients/contacts.

You can upload documents in various formats such as DOCX, XLSX, and PDF etc. With only DOCX you can use merge variables for automatic merging.

Documents can be uploaded to comply with around 25 areas in UK legal practice.


Access to LAIT document library


LAIT users can access its central document library located in the main datacenter. If you need any specific document to be added in to your workflow it is recommended to access LAIT Library instead of your own internal document management module.

LAIT dedicated team will make sure up-to-date versions of general documents you need are available in the central library.




Last Reviewed on 28 August 2018