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Fraud Prevention



Fraud Prevention


Built-in tool for fraud prevention in LAIT has been developed as a security measure for payment transactions. This helps your firm to track-down potential fraudulent transactions, which may cause damages to the reputation of the business.




Fraud Prevention


Generate payment authorization code


When it comes to payment transactions it is very essential for both the client and firm to make sure money transfer is taking place between real stakeholders. This eliminates unnecessary stress and potential disputes which might damage your business’s reputation.

LAIT’s payment authorization generation feature helps you identify real customers to prevent any fraud.

You can easily verify your clients by providing them few security questions generated by the system. If you are satisfied with the answers then LAIT will generate a unique security code for them to proceed for the payment. This process makes sure that the client is making payments for your firm’s bank account.




Last Reviewed on 20 August 2018