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04 October 2018

LAIT Workshop & Training Session Conducted at SOMA Solicitors, South Harrow - London

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03 October 2018

LAIT is Ready for General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)

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27 September 2018

LAIT Introduces Built-in Human Resource Management Features to Support HR Function in Law Firms

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LAIT is Ready for General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)

03 October 2018

LAIT is ready for GDPR and we ensured our clients were up-to-date regarding their rights and we also guaranteed that they always have the final say over its use, access and correction.

We have fully implemented the necessary functionalities and setting defaults, as appropriate for the practice to be fully compliant in running their accounts and case management, in line with the data protection legislation.

LAIT follows the below steps to ensure the GDPR compliance:

  • Update Privacy Notices

    We explain our clients via updated privacy notices why we are collecting their information, what we will be doing with it, how long we will keep it, who will have access to it, and where it will be stored. Ensure that clients actively confirm their acceptance.

  • We Identify Personal Data We Hold

    We identify all personal data that we are holding, including where and how it is shared. Remove any personal data we do not require and ensure that all personal information is kept secure and only used for the purpose for which it was collected.

  • Use Secure Email

    LAIT has a built-in highly secured email client that connects with your firm's Microsoft Exchange Server allowing you to manage your emails within the application. With GDPR requirements it applies to external emails and other communications as much as it does to internal processes. We ensure that sharing of personal data such as name, address, age etc. done securely using our secure email management module when sending or receiving data from clients or other external contacts.

  • We have Plans in Place for Data Breaches

    We set-up virtual servers for every single client to run LAIT, and our dedicated server management team keep eye on every internal and external activity taken place on the server side and dealing with any suspicious data breach if detected. We also comply with LAIT Legal policies we have in place to detect a breach, stop the breach, prevent further breaches, and to communicate the breach to all affected individuals within 72 hours.

  • LAIT is Ready to Delete Customer Data

    LAIT has designed in a way to find and permanently delete personal data without making them inactive in the database. We understand that the clients have the right to demand that all their personal data be deleted and disclose any proof of such deletion provided to them.

  • We are Ready For Data Access Requests

    LAIT has the ability of generating electronic copies of personal data it holds in the back-end database in case if any client requests a such a document. We make sure we deliver the data in a usable electronic format within 2 weeks time frame.

  • Build a Data Protection Culture

    LAIT Legal Team is well up-to-date with the importance of complying with GDPR. 


    Last Reviewed on 01 October 2018