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Practice Management



Practice Management


LAIT practice management features comply with the standards and regulations of the UK Law society and the LEXCEL, allowing you to establish a well-balanced management enviromnet within your firm to achieve successful business goals.




Practice Management




Administration feature comprises very essential functions needed for setting-up the system for the firm and users. Complete user management can be done with incorporated user role management to control system access within each management levels and employment statuses.


IP allocations


As a high secure system access feature IP Allocation plays a major role. You can allocate IP addresses to restrict external accessibility to the system. Branch-level IP restriction will limit your access only to the office premises.

Staff who works remotely can be allocated with time slots allowing access to LAIT on a given date and a time, this ensures the remote user will be restricted to a pre-defined time box.


Email accounts


Microsoft exchange server configurations and user assignments for multiple email accounts are done in this module. Users can access permitted email accounts via the LAIT’s built-in email client.


Post register


There are two sub-modules built-in the LAIT to manage all incoming and outgoing post. You can scan and upload sending/receiving letters to make sure everything is electronically stored within LAIT, the uploaded documents are available to access at any time without any geographical barrier.


Office information


Keeping office information and documents electronically stored in a system gives you every opportunity to access them remotely at any time, this paperless technology is built in to LAIT where you can freely use it within your firm.

Office information feature comprises many areas where you can electronically store and maintain an expert’s register, information of all service providers and important documents of the business.


Human resource management


LAIT has a built-in feature to support your HR function in the firm, allowing you to simply keep a record of staff training, mark staff attendance, receive staff leave requests and management.






Last Reviewed on 20 August 2018