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Time Recording & Billing



Bulit-in Time Recording


Time recording is a built-in feature in LAIT that captures every billable minute you work. This feature is designed and developed to help you identify the actual cost and value of the work you carrying-out for your clients. You can use any device to record time on the go. If you are working remotely or visiting a client, you can still record your time of work.




Built-in Time Recording


Time recording features


As part of time recording, LAIT has featured with all essential features you need to record every billable minute you spend on work. You will have easy access to the following:

  • Real time recording of every minute
  • On screen start, pause and stop time entries
  • Unlimited stop watches
  • User definable rates
  • Integrated with client accounts
  • Automatic billing amount calculation with taxes
  • Supports every device

Boost your revenue


With the LAIT time recording you can dramatically improve your revenue in several ways. Get an actual number of hours you spend on client work and bill them is one way of increasing revenue in the firm. With automated time recording you are in a position to charge an appropriate rate in all instances.

LAIT’s Built-in time recording tool gives an opportunity for you to bill for the time spent for all billable activities without missing anything.




Last Reviewed on 20 August 2018