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Why Choose LAIT


Reasons for Choosing LAIT


LAIT aims to fulfil the needs of law firms and improve their businesses. Since it provides everything you need to run your firm we assure that you do not require to use third party integrations such as accounting packages. It serves all areas of practices currently uses in the United Kingdom. For example: Conveyancing, Immigration, Family etc. Full list can be found in the ‘Areas of Practices in Law’ section of the website.

LAIT comprises with all essential features that are needed to support your firm’s underlying business processes. Built-in accounting package for client accounts and office accounts, Built-in email client with easy configuration to Microsoft Exchange Server allowing you to manage your official emails from anywhere in the world.

You can access our features list for all the features LAIT provides you for a smoother running of your business.

Our dedicated team for research and development is constantly monitor what you need and the changes of different areas of law in UK to come-up with most relevant solutions as quickly as possible.

Teams at customer support will ensure you will receive instant help and training at any time whilst you are with us as a valuable client.





Last Reviewed on 20 August 2018