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Workflow Management



Workflow Management


LAIT workflows help streamline and automate repeatable business tasks within your firm, minimizing errors and increasing overall efficiency of running a case. Workflow steps and document order will guide you throughout the matter and help you understand time scales required to complete each case.




Workflow Management


Customise your work


Built-in workflow management system in LAIT allows you to create and customise your own workflows in to various steps. Every step can be allocated with number of days required to complete, which gives you an approximate time scale for a completion date.

Every document you add to a workflow has a control to move up and down to prioritise what to be done next. This will help fee earners/caseworkers to work in to an order without making mistakes, and missing tasks.


Improve communication between the firm and stakeholders


Workflow creation in LAIT is specifically designed to improve internal and external communications in your firm. You can upload relevant document to workflows under any area of practice to build a good relationship with clients and other contacts within cases.

Workflows can hold documents in various formats such as MS-WORD, MS-EXCEL, PDF etc., so you can very easily drop them to a case correspondence and start work on them.

LAIT workflow management uses merge variables, which are similar to merge fields, but you will have more control over them for any modification you require.

LAIT provides two document access sources for you to add documents for workflows. You can access documents from internal document management system where you can pre-upload all relevant documents needed in your firm, and LAIT central document library will give you access to most wanted documents published by government authorities.

Workflow management system built-in to LAIT will eliminate conflicts between the management, employees and clients by guiding everyone through a single goal.


Provide more effective and efficient customer service


Every successful firm’s underlying secret for their success is high customer satisfaction rate. To make sure this remains always same step-by-step workflow process helps you improve customer experience with your legal firm.

LAIT workflow management system guides employees with minimum skills and experience to run a case successfully. This enables the firm to complete cases more effectively and help customers to achieve their objectives within a very shorter period.


Ready-made workflows to streamline the case management


Workflow management works as a different entity within LAIT, but all the ready-made workflows are automatically presented within related cases guiding the caseworker step by step.




Last Reviewed on 28 August 2018