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LAIT is all you'll need to run your law firm

LAIT is an innovative cloud-based legal case management software that integrates all the applications you will need to run your legal firm. Incorporating legal forms and integrated email, this all in one software allows you to work anywhere, anytime.

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Law Accounting and IT (LAIT) is a legal software system that offers end-to-end solutions and support for legal firms. LAIT partners with clients to create innovative software solutions that help law firms become a lasting success in the UK legal sector.

 The LAIT development team has in-depth industry knowledge of the UK legal sector and expertise in the software development industry since 2015. Our personal experiences with old and outdated software used in legal firms are what have propelled us to find creative solutions. This led us to develop our all in one web-based software application perfectly tailored for UK law firms. 

Our mission is to deliver a well-designed, fully supportive software system that caters to all the needs of a law firm to maximise business efficiency.

LAIT Legal Limited has a dedicated team of experts to provide customer support and training who are available Monday to Friday, 8am – 6pm and weekends (what hours on weekends?). If you are a prospective customer, you can schedule an appointment for a free demonstration with one of our experts. If you are already a LAIT customer you can contact customer support for further training and help.

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Our mission is to deliver a fully supportive software system for law firms to maximum business values.


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